Multi Room Entertainment

Ultra high definition distribution

Play, listen and stream different media throughout your entire home using one centralised system. Say goodbye to multiple remotes and control everything using our home automation interfaces. 

What we can distribute

– Apple TV

– Amazon Fire

– Sky, Virgin and BT 

– Apple Iphone / Ipad

– 4K UHD Games-Consoles  

– Kaleidescape Media Servers

– Apple Music, Spotify and Radio 


Video Distribution

Sky isn't the limit

Consolidate all your TV Set-tops boxes and external streaming sources into our compact AV Rack. Allowing you to stream video across your whole home without all of the clutter. 

Universal Remote Control

By utilising our universal remotes, you can control everything from your Blu-ray player to your mood lighting. Not only do they help simplify your life, they look great too!

Audio Distribution

Anytime Anywhere

From your En-suite to your kitchen, seamlessly stream your favourite podcast or music across your whole home. Connect with your phone, record player or radio.

Discreet Design

If you’re not a fan of having speakers out and about. In-wall speakers are a great option. Surround sound speakers can be plastered into a wall to become completely invisible to the eye, but not to the ear!


Garden Automation

Bring the indoors outdoors

Whether you want to host an unforgettable garden party or have a snug winter get-together. Automation will give you the flexibility to get the most out garden no matter the time of year. On top of all that, if you already have an existing home network, we can create a seamless system that connects the outdoors with the indoors.

Outdoor AV Systems

You won’t have to worry about being ‘those’ noisy neighbours either. With our directional speakers and subwoofers, we will calibrate your sound system so it sounds incredible in your garden, not next doors.

Lighting and Security

With both aesthetic and security purposes in mind, we will design a bespoke lighting network for your garden. Make your party pop with RGB LEDs and choose from an unlimited choice of spotlights to match your design requirements. 

Not only will your lights look incredible they also act as a major deterrent for potential intruders. Don’t forget you don’t have to be at home to control your network, so you can sleep easily whilst away!