Creative home automation

What is home automation?

We create comfort and convenience using our home automation technology. Giving you control of everything from lighting, climate and multi-room AV. Using only one integrated interface to interact with your whole home. Whether than be your phone, tablet or in-wall touch-screen.

Installation process

Working side by side with you from conception we design, supply, and install an automation system using our holistic approach. Tailoring your system to exceed your every expectation. 

Care & Maintance

We make sure our systems are built to last a lifetime, but with our maintenance packages, we ensure your technology is updated with the latest software and security patches. On-call 24/7 we will provide the best solution on-site or remotely.

Lighting Control

What is Mood Lighting?

One button to turn off all your lights as you leave your home to engraved keypads for different moods or times of the day, that’s the level of personalisation mood lighting offers. With incredibly scalable technology, you can have one room or one hundred.

custom interfaces

We offer a variety of different interfaces, with an unlimited option of finishes, textures, and colours. We never compromise on design, we only add to it. 

shading and blinds

Automate simple tasks such as having your blinds open at certain times of the day or close when you leave your home. All integrated with the rest of the systems in your home, press play and watch your favourite film in darkness.

AV control

Set the mood

Seamlessly change audio tracks in any part of the house using our bespoke technology. From Spotify, Apple music to Radio 1. You can control all of this from your phone or our custom interfaces.

universal remotes

Universal remotes are design to replace all your other remote controls. Meaning you can change the sky channel with the same remote as the one you use to change the lighting.

In-wall touchscreens

With always-on technology these interfaces are always ready to go. A low-profile design ensures they are discreet and feel at home in both modern and more traditional properties.

Garden Automation

Bring the indoors outdoors

Whether you want to host an unforgettable garden party or having a snug winter get-together. Automation will give you the flexibility to get the most out garden no matter the time of year. If you already have an existing home network, we can create a seamless system that connects the outdoors with the indoors.

Outdoor AV Systems

You won’t have to worry about being ‘those’ noisy neighbours either. With our directional speakers and subwoofers, we will calibrate your sound system so it sounds incredible in your garden, not next doors.

Lighting and Security

With both aesthetic and security purposes in mind, we will design a bespoke lighting network for your garden. Make your party pop with RGB LEDs and choose from an unlimited choice of spotlights to match your design requirements. 

Not only will your lights look incredible they also act as a major deterrent for potential intruders. Don’t forget you don’t have to be at home to control your network, so you can sleep easily whilst away!

Security & CCTV

Safety And security

Our security systems give you more protection, flexibility and most importantly peace of mind. Protect what matters most to you, where-ever you are across the globe.

A tailor-made solution

With tailor made notifications, customise what you see and when. Whether it’s the kids arriving back from school or a package being delivered.

protection without power

With our home servers, even if your power goes down, your security network doesn’t. We can monitor everything remotely ensuring you get back and running as soon as possible.