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Dont leave your design to chance.

As the demand for pro entertainment systems and residential automation grows, the presence of a systems integration consultant becomes ever more essential in the project design team. With modern residential automation systems having the option to be integrated with almost all technical aspects of a build, not to mention having a huge effect on the aesthetics of the interior design, it’s inconceivable this section of the project design would be left to chance. This however is almost always the case.

Here at Jooced we offer a consultation service. This service would see us involved in the design process from the ground up. Working hand in hand with the M&E consultants, interior designers and architects to prepare a home automationentertainment detailed design to form part of the tender package.

Our detailed design would include:

  • A written specification detailing all products and how they connect and interact.
  • Layout plans for the whole project.
  • Wiring schedules detailing the infrastructure system and containment.
  • Wiring interconnect schematics for every aspect of the installation.
  • Head end rack layout drawings showing all components housed.
  • A programming schedule listing the handover requirements of the client.

This ensures:

  • Easily comparable quotations based on a fixed and agreed specification.
  • Complete compatibility with all installed systems to be integrated.
  • An immeasurably smoother installation process.
  • An efficient and clean handover with full documentation.

All residential automation and pro entertainment systems above a certain level should be pre designed to this level removing any guess work at installation stage and preventing overstated expectations on handover. With everything written down and agreed, everybody knows where they stand.