Home Automation Design

Don't leave your design to chance

With Modern residential automation systems having the option to be integrated with almost all technical aspects of a build, not to mention the aesthetics of the interior design, it’s inconceivable this section of the project design should be left to chance.

Our Detailed Design would Include
We offer a consultation service, involving us in the design process from the ground up. Working hand in hand with the M&E consultants, interior designers and architects to prepare a home automation/entertainment detailed design to form part of the tender package.

– A written specification detailing all products and how they connect and interact

– Layout plans for the whole project

– Wiring schedules detailed the infrastructure system and containment

РWiring interconnects schematics for every aspect of the installation 

– Headend rack layout drawings showing all components housed

– A programming schedule listing the handover requirements of the client

This ensures

– Complete compatibility with all installed systems to be integrated

– An immeasurably smoother installation process

– An efficient and clean handover with full documentation