Intelligent Lighting

What is Mood Lighting?

Mood lighting is creating a designed atmosphere by layering different light sources such as Wall, ceiling or spot lights. Giving you the freedom to adjust the mood and light levels to how you desire. 

Home Automation Intergration

Integrated with our home automation technology, we can programme different lighting scenes for different moods. Close the curtains or dim the lights, from your mobile phone or our variety of different interfaces. Whilst at the office, or on the beach, our systems offer you comfort and security.

Our Approach

We create a professionally designed lighting layout, detailing every room and interface. We are Crestron, Lutron and Control4 platinum dealers. Meaning we design, supply, install and maintain every aspect of our projects. 

Lighting Control

Energy efficiency

Lighting that saves your wallet and the world. With a professionally installed lighting control system, you lighting will be running at a 20% lower cost. Combined with features like “House off” as well as motion and light sensors. Lighting isn’t needlessly left on, saving you the pennies. 

Shading and Blinds

Integrate all your blinds and curtains with the same system you use to control your heating or security. Wake up naturally with pre-set schedules whilst getting a better quality sleep with our black-out blinds.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor mood lighting

Your evening doesn’t need to end when the sun goes down. Illuminating your outdoor space to  accent your architecture or help navigate guests with automated downlighting. 

Security Lighting

With state of the art motion lighting acts as a preventive measure from any potential criminal activity. Our professional installers will give you peace of mind, home and away.