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Dedicated Cinema Room

"After months of research and talks with local companies I decided to that jooced just felt like the right choice to handle our installation. Tony just seemed to have an excellent grasp of the solutions available to me and knew exactly how to implement them to suit my needs. He really opened my eyes to new technologies. I think without jooced behind my installation I would have ended up with an inferior product...and I would have been non-the-wiser!"

Mrs Cowen

"1st class service and surprisingly affordable. Would recommend to others." A+

Paul Greham Cinema & Opus Sound System

"Just a quick note to thank for the great work you have recently completed at my house in Iverley. The TV and the Surround Sound System is quality and the new music system has changed the way we use the house. Thanks again for you help and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others."

Allan & Claire Callahan

"We purchased our barn back in 2007, that was when we first contacted jooced to design the lighting and control system…well we finished and moved into the barn three weeks ago (November 2010). Tony & the guys have become like a part of the family over the last 3 years popping in from time to time to update designs or make changes to the wiring for us. Well it is finished now and we love it, our friends are green with envy. Thank you for being patient with us."

Shropshire Home Cinema

"Tony & the guys were a pleasure to deal with. All task completed above and beyond expectations. I am more than happy to recommend Jooced."

Parkfield Community School

We were having a new special provision built for children with BESD and decided to include mood lighting to calm the children if required. We contacted Jooced who provided a prompt and efficient service and ended up installing a 3 room LED colour changing Rako lighting system which not only looks incredible but has had a fantastic effect on the children in controlling the mood. It was difficult planning process due to the amount of governing bodies in schools and Local Authority but Jooced were very adaptable and produced an amazingly good looking system which is easy to control. Will be expanding the system around the school in future in a drive to save energy and improve efficiency. I personaly recomend this company.

Carol Lowe Bathroom Mirror TV Installation

"When we called Jooced we didn’t really know what we wanted or how to ask for it. All we knew is we had seen something on TV and we wanted it. We didn’t even know if it really existed. Tony assured us that nothing is impossible anymore and helped us find the exact product we had seen and installed it beautifully."

Tara Redgrave Kitchen Lighting Installation

"The kitchen looks awesome. I couldn’t have ever believed it would look this good when we were designing it with jooced. The lights and the cinema just make it. It is the kitchen I have always dreamed of. Just can’t get Andy out of it now."

Dr Vohra Cinema Installation

"Of all the trades we have had working on this project jooced have been by far the most organised, helpful and pleasant to deal with. They really have been the silver lining on what can only otherwise be described as a very stressful time. The system is wonderful, it works perfectly and has delivered well above our expectations. We look forward to using them again for our next project. I think I speak for the whole family when I say we would have no problem recommending them to our family and friends."

Steven Hurst Sunken Flatscreen Project

"I would be happy to recommend jooced to anyone. I knew exactly how I wanted my TV installation and Tony just got it. I went through my Idea with Tony explaining exactly how I wanted it and how I wanted it to look and then I left them to it. 3 days later my front room had been transformed. Even down to the colour of the wall and the finish of the cabinet. It is perfect."

Manor House Home Cinema

"On time, on budget and on the ball. Tony & Jooced really delivered. Would Recommend!" A+

Westmead Primary School

"The Children love the new whiteboards. They are all so much more interested in the lessons now they are interactive. Thank you."

Worcester Community Housing

"After a spate of break-ins resulting in robberies of televisions’ from the sheltered accommodation common rooms, I called around local security companies to see if there was a simple solution. The short answer I received was no. Everybody was trying to sell me complicated and expensive security systems or lockable brackets that we already had in place. I happened to stumble over jooced on Google. Tony was very helpful and came to the offices to demonstrate his “Sonic Shock” product that was not only very simple to install but was inexpensive. I immediately gave him the order with one condition, that our installation was given priority. All 15 homes were secured by the end of the next day. Brilliant! Thank you!"