This beautiful 9.1.6 dedicated home cinema room is located in the basement of a beautiful property, Woodlands Cottage in Belbroughton.

We also created a whole home automation network throughout the home. Check more details below.

Devil in the details

This cinema room measures roughly 5 meters wide x 6.5 meters deep. By installing LEDs at a slight angle, we created an extra sense of depth, which not only makes this space seem bigger but also gives it a really unique look. 

We created a coffer above the rear seating to allow for the projector and air conditioning unit. We then created and installed bespoke acoustic treatment panelling, which means they can be lifted in or out if future maintenance is required.

Behind the projector screen is an array of A6 Artcoustic speakers, with two massive subwoofers at the rear of the room. We’ve also filled the cinema room with absorptive sound panels on the ‘reflection points’, so whether you sit at the front or back there will no difference in quality.

Project details

Using a Control4 NEEO remote, everything in this room can be controlled from the comfort of these exceptional Rasike seats.

With Matiz daybed seats at the front and Siennas at the back, we’ve created a classic cinema look with the option for a more relaxed watching environment. Check out more specs below.

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9.1.6 Cinema Transformation & Tour

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