The Full Monty Home Cinema

This system would blow your mind…I know it blew ours! This home cinema contains some of the most powerful and advanced equipment available without it being in your face. It operates as a nice calm TV room with a beautifully mounted 65″ top of the range Samsung TV but lurking below the surface there is a beast of a home cinema just a button press away. Cue, lights dim, black out blinds drop, projector lift lowers into place, 2.8m hidden projector screen glides perfectly down and a monitor audio 7.1 surround sound system kicks in.

The system included:

2.8m Pure Theatre Recessed screen
Pure Theatre Projector ceiling lift
Commercial Grade Epson Projector
Multi channel Rako LED mood lighting system
7.1 Monitor AudioDenon surround sound system
Recessed Samsung 8000 series television
Automated fireplace
Control4 Wall Touch screen control for the whole system
Control4 iPad control for the whole system
Price: £25,000