This project came to us direct through our website, which meant it was a completely new customer. Not follow on work. Not a referral from a previous client. This to us means we have a duty to be doubly on top of things, as the customer, not knowing us from Adam, will need reassurance at every stage that they have picked the right company for their project. With that said I think I’ll Hand over to the testimonial we received from Emma (The Client) a couple of weeks after hand over…

Name Emma Mercer
Project Description Home cinema
The Story Behind Your Project We wanted to install a drop-down projector screen with surround sound but were unsure if this would be possible based on the irregular shape of our living room. Tony was able to match the size of the screen exactly to the size of the fireplace, which drops down perfectly in front of it whenever we use it and neatly disappears when turned off. We had the speakers inset to the wall which looks very neat and so good that a family member thought were wall decorations!
What are your thoughts on the service you received? Tony and the guys were fantastic- even offering to come back and reassemble after all the decorating was completely finished. The cinema itself is incredible – the sound feels so real the floor actually vibrates and picture quality astounding- it truly is a fully interactive experience!
Would you recommend Jooced?
I would have no hestitation in recommending Jooced to anyone thinking of upgrading their current audio/visual experience. They were on time, extremely polite and helpful and we would definitely consider using them again. Our cinema is absolutely fantastic and we are delighted with it!

Needless to say we were delighted with this.

Price: £6947