Amazing Cinema Setup in The Cotswolds

This home theatremedia room is at the absolute cutting edge of current technolgy. The brand new 4K laser projector from epson coupled with the ambient light rejecting screen from draper means you can enjoy a movie in the middle of the day with all the lights on without losing your contrast. Along with this there is an Dolby Atomos 7.1.2 in wall surround sound system the would blow your mind!

  • Epson LS10000 4K Laser Projector
  • Onkyo TXNR3030 AVR
  • Monitor Audio in wall speakers
  • Monitor Audio APEX A10 Hight Speakers
  • Monitor Audio Silver W12 Subwoofer
  • Silent Gliss 4m Auto Blackout Blind
  • Sky+HD Distribution
  • PS4
  • Apple TV
  • Network Installation
  • Control4 System Control

The installation is incomplete at this stage. The client is waiting on the oak cabinet for the equipment.

Cost: £24,000