Public Sector Installations

Tailored Solutions at a Sensible Price

Users of modern public sector buildings expect the best quality AV, lighting and technology systems.

But with the current cuts to the public sector budget, it’s not always easy to meet the expectations loaded on you.

You want to provide the best systems you can for your users – but you need to know the technology is up-to-date, fit-for-purpose and, above all, will provide ease of use.

Jooced has years’ of experience with tailored public sector installations in all corners of the market. We install:

  • Interactive whiteboards in schools, colleges and universities
  • Classroom and lecture theatre soundsystems
  • School hall systems (like projectors, lighting and PA systems)
  • Mood lighting systems
  • Flatscreen TV foyer displays
  • Town hall and community centres AV systems
  • Hospitals and sheltered accommodation entertainment systems

You’ll get state of the art technology that will future-proof your buildings – at a price which delivers value for money and the best service for your users.

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