A Home Theatre in a loft space in Shropshire
The Black Media Room

Control4 Media Room

A Home Theatre in a loft space near Shifnal in Shropshire.

The cool feature of this project is the fact that everything in the room is black! Why I hear you ask? Because if you have a completely black room you have no light pollution from reflected light bouncing off surfaces in the room. This gave us chance to use the super cool Monitor Audio silver range in high gloss black coupled with staged black leather seating and a Mirage black gloss cabinet. The client didn't want to go mad with the projector so we specified the Epson TW6600 which is an awesome little unit and unbeaten for the price....oh and of course it comes in black.

  • Epson TW6600 Full HD Projector
  • Pure Theatre 3 meter screen
  • Monitor Audio Silver Surround Package
  • Sky+HD Distribution
  • PS4
  • Apple TV
  • Network Installation
  • Control4 System Control

Cost: Undisclosed

Apology's for the bad photography...its hard to get a good shot in a black room.